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  • PayPay, PAYPAYUE - Instituição de Pagamento, Unipessoal, Lda is a payment institution authorized by the Bank of Portugal on 8 May 2014, to provide and intermediate payment services.
  • A payment institution is a legal person who has been granted authorization by the Bank of Portugal to provide and execute payment services. The institutions authorized to carry out activity to Portugal are set out in the Special Register of the Bank of Portugal and are subject to ongoing and thorough supervision.
  • The platform is ready and adapted to respond the needs of any legal person and any business area. The target audience of the PayPay is very comprehensive, involves commerce companies, online-shops, non-governmental organizations, service providers, among others.
  • To start using our platform you should register directly here.

    When registering, it's requested to fill some required fields, and after registering, you should send some documents for verification and validation of data, which must be sent by CTT or the Email apoio@paypay.pt.

  • To register on PayPay you must access to the platform, register, wait until an email is sent to you from the support line indicating the necessary documentation. You must send the requested documentation to apoio@paypay.pt, wait for the validation of the referred information, the risk assessment and the subsequent approval.
  • The documents required for validation are:
    • Service Delivery Agreement signed;
    • Evidence of bank details, indicate the name of the account holder this must match the contract and the identification of the persons that are authorized to operate the account, with attaching a copy of the Identification document, thereof.;
    • Statement issued by the legal entity with identification of the legal representatives of the company, with attached copy of the Identification Document thereof.;
    • Copy of the number of the taxpayer and Citizen Card (or passport) of the user(s) and the legal host of the company;
    • Copy of the activity opening document (for individual entrepreneurs).
  • There are two types of clients that can use our platform, direct and indirect. Direct customer is the entity that has a reserved area for authentication. Indirect customer is the one that only uses the platform to validate references payments and simply enter the payment code on the platform, with access to payment data and pay by credit/debit card or MB WAY.
  • You can register on the platform in an individual capacity, by submitting the declaration of commencement of operations in Finances.
  • Through the information cross issued by SIBS on payments made via ATM or MB WAY and by REDUNICRE on payments made with credit/debit card, payment status is updated to ?Paid? and the PayPay performs the transference to the customer's bank account.
  • The PayPay will transfer to the customer's bank account the amount received, less the cost of the service, according to the cost associated with the subscription plan at the beginning of the payment process.
  • Paid amounts usually are transferred up to the next working day of the transaction, but it may vary depending on the bank.
  • You can set up a payment button and get an HTML code. This code is placed in your platform (Blog, website or other) allowing the button visible and functional.

    If you already use any e-commerce shop integrated with PayPay, please download the extension in the 'Integration' area.
  • The commissions are automatically deducted from the transaction amount, at the time of transfer to your bank account.
  • A detailed invoice/receipt with information of all payments from the day before is daily sent and reported the cost of the service. You can also check all invoices issued in the PayPay platform.
  • You don't pay for references you issue, but for the ones that are actually paid.
  • MB WAY allows you to pay immediate purchases through a smartphone or tablet. You can join this service on an ATM machine, link a credit/debit card to your mobile phone and set 6 digit numbers as your MB WAY PIN.

    When using this application, your clients can easily pay their purchases from MB WAY, as it provides a safer method of payment.

    Find out more in www.mbway.pt.
  • Multibanco Real-Time allows the transmission of payments that have been made by its clients in real-time. Thus, it allows to create time intervals for the payment of the references (start and end dates).
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